Geronimo’s Gold
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While attending the funeral of a former Wall Street colleague, Matt Hawkins is confronted by the sister of the deceased.  Kate is adamant that her brother did not commit suicide, as the police claim—he was murdered.  She believes he had stumbled upon a subversive plot to corner the world gold market.  But before he could blow the whistle, he was pushed in front of a New York City subway train.

Matt and Kate’s search for the truth leads them back in time to a series of seemingly unrelated historical events—from a vast gold deposit first discovered by Indian warrior Geronimo; to a puzzling cover-up by President Theodore Roosevelt; to a secret society with its roots in one of America’s oldest universities.  As they connect the dots from past to present, they are determined to get to the bottom of the gold conspiracy.  But to succeed, they must contend with a powerful alliance of adversaries intent on finishing the financial war they started.

Ted Richardson

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Ted’s fascination with American history was planted in his early childhood.  He grew up the youngest of five children in a New England family with roots that literally dated back to the Mayflower’s arrival in 1620.  His mother’s side of the family (at least that’s how the story goes) can be traced to a man named William Brewster who arrived on the Mayflower and became the senior elder of the original colony and an advisor to the first Governor William Bradford.

With five children and a limited budget, Richardson family vacations usually involved piling into the family’s ’67 Ambassador Wagon and hitting the road.  Destinations had to be no more than six hours away—because any longer than that and all hell would break loose in the back seat!  Now if you take a compass and draw a six hour radius from Ted’s childhood home, it basically covers an area from Maine to Virginia – which includes most of the places that gave birth to our country.  To the north were places like Sturbridge Village, Plymouth Plantation, and Lexington and Concord—where the ‘first shot heard around the world’ was fired.  To the south were Colonial Williamsburg, Philadelphia, and Washington, D.C.  As you might imagine, it didn’t take Ted long to become hooked on American history.

Fast forward a few decades.  After more than twenty-five years as a business professional, Ted finally parlayed his fascination with American history and love of a good mystery into writing his own works of fiction.  His independently published first novel, Imposters of Patriotism was released in June 2014 to enthusiastic reviews.  Abolition of Evil is the sequel that follows Matt Hawkins on his next historical adventure.  The third installment in the series, Geronimo’s Gold is currently in development and should be released in early 2017.  He lives in the Atlanta area with his wife Beth and their two daughters.